Cargo & Specie

As acknowledged experts in cargo business, HW Wood Limited’s cargo team, with three senior market brokers combining a wealth of over 90 years of experience in the transit field, know that first class service and technical expertise are just as important to clients as the ability to adapt quickly to market conditions with intelligent responses to a client’s specific needs.

We visit clients worldwide in order to fully understand their business needs and requirements. Our expertise also enables us to offer wider solutions such as combined packages that include cargo, marine war, war on land, strikes and terrorism risks as well as liabilities.

We offer insurance on the following basis:

♦  Direct or Reinsurance.
♦  Facultative voyages.
♦  Period Contracts.
♦  12 month Covers, Treaties and Binders.

We handle all types of cargo, liability and specie business including but not limited to:

♦  All types of Commodities in bulk or in bags.
♦  Arms and munitions. 
♦  Machinery. 
♦  Steel. 
♦  Livestock.
♦  Oil and products.
♦  Fine art and exhibitions. 
♦  Vehicles.
♦  Precious metals. 
♦  Stock throughput policies and storage risks. 
♦  Marine Consequential loss (project business interruption).